World Illustration Awards Longlist Announced!

The World Illustration Awards continues the Association of Illustrator's (AOI) tradition of delivering an annual illustration competition, which has run in various forms for over 45 years. WIA2020 is delivered by the AOI in partnership with the Directory of Illustration. I am honored to be amongst one of the 500 artists from over 70 countries that made the WIA2020 long ist. You will find me in the category of Science & Technology which included illustrations that represent and explain scientific or technological concepts including categories of medical, botanical, architectural, forensic, scientific, archaeological, data visualisation, and information visualisation. You can read a full descr

Record Med Mal Settlement in Illinois

Explaining how a doctor violated the standard of care of his patient is challenging. It requires us to explain the anatomy & overcoming the resistance to find against the defendant doctor. Adding to the difficulty was that the patient was over 90 years old. “Placing the lead in the right ventricle complied with the standard of care. We wanted to simply show how, no matter the age of the Plaintiff, the lack of imaging the Defendant used led to his choice to place the lead in the incorrect ventricle causing a stroke.” – Mike Grieco, Romanucci & Blandin The result was a record for a client that was over 90 years of age in a medical malpractice case. Read more at Advocacy Digital Media's b

Dual-Lumen Catheter for Irrigation and Drainage After Evacuation of Chronic Subdural Hematoma

"Chronic subdural hematoma (cSDH) is an intracranial pathology most commonly affecting elderly patients. Patients may present with worsening headache, seizures, weakness, balance and gait problems, and memory deficits. Even in patients undergoing hematoma evacuation, there is a substantial risk for recurrence. The authors present the first use of an irrigating external ventricular drain in the United States in the perioperative management of a patient with cSDH treated with craniotomy (IRRAS, Stockholm, Sweden)." A big thanks to Dr. Diem Kieu Tran and Dr. Sumeet Vadera for working with me to create a custom medical illustration to accompany this case report. For more information, please read

How C.D.C. Medical Illustrators Created the Coronavirus Pandemic’s Most Iconic Image

We've all been seeing it in the news and through online articles, the image representing the Coronavirus, but have you wondered where it came from? Click on the link below for an amazing read on how two medical illustrators, Alissa Eckert and Dan Higgins, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were asked to create a “beauty shot” of the coronavirus, to bring it to the public’s attention. The New York Times "The Spiky Blob Seen Around the World"

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