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A Class of Their Own: The 2014 Excellence Award Winners

If you were to ask any KCAD student what they’re pursuing with their education, the answer wouldn’t be “perfection.” That’s because in our community, we value impact, and impact comes from taking risks, pushing forward, following your passion, and striving every single day to create art and design that matters.Each year, those students who exhibit a rare level of mastery and accomplishment in their chosen field are honored with the Excellence Award, the epitome of KCAD student achievement. One student from each program with a graduating class will be recognized at an official ceremony on May 9, and their best work will be put on display during Commencement Week in a special exhibition hosted in the Fed Galleries.

Tess Tobolic was raised in Wayland Michigan. After high school, she discovered her passion and talent for art and was accepted to KCAD with a Dora Weaver Memorial Scholarship and Kendall's Portfolio Scholarship. She began in Illustration but embraced the Medical Illustration major in its inaugural year. Tess has been on the Dean’s List every year, works full-time at Northern Physical Therapy, and is a Lab Assistant at MSU's cadaver lab. Her studio work has been exemplary, and her willingness to learn and understand the materials and techniques has enabled her to succeed as a student and now as a Medical Illustration professional.

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