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Hartman's Complete Guide for the EKG Technician

"There are many existing resources for EKG interpretation, but Hartman’s Complete Guide for the EKG Technician by Wilma Lynne Clarke, EdD, RN, is different. It is a comprehensive resource specifically written for students working to become EKG technicians, and it covers every aspect of the job, from communicating with other care team members to measuring vital signs to placing electrodes accurately and conducting the full range of EKG tests. A rhythm interpretation chapter features detailed illustrations of normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms, based on real EKG tracings. Over 100 practice exercises, also based on actual EKGs, allow students the opportunity to hone their skills in measuring intervals, calculating heart rate, analyzing waveforms and regularity, and identifying rhythms." You can find additional information about this book and more at Hartman Publishing Inc. Click here to order now.

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